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2011-06-06 13:27:54 by Noobslayer10

1 Man Rising character

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512 is here

2011-05-13 12:34:13 by Noobslayer10

well it's an army of 4 but no worries

N.Slay Log

2011-04-13 14:32:32 by Noobslayer10

since 9:00 AM West time, i got caught by a fucking grade 7 science teacher by playing drop dead 3. how
shitty is that? BUT i'm sitting behind the door. playing one simple game and a teacher bombs down in nowhere. and Now it's currently 11:30 AM West time i figured out how to avoid it. moving a different spot... in the side of the room. AND PS I'M IN GRADE 8


2011-03-16 18:52:25 by Noobslayer10

plain ol blank